The Art of Being Human

The Art of Being Human is a 2-3 day workshop that explores what it means to be a human being living to our full potential. We delve deeply into both individual and collective potential, as well as branching into what it means to be fully realized as a species in the overall Gaia system.

Exploring the art of being human

Some of the questions we play with are:

How can we actualize our personal highest potential?

How do we tap into collective intelligence?

What will it take for our species to evolve in terms of creating a thrivable culture that works for all of Gaia?

What does an ideal society really look like?

What does it mean to be human in a time of intense environmental and social degradation and how can we be a force for break through rather than break down?

These are questions we delightfully explore, all while diving deep into what is authentic, alive, and true in each and every moment.

Techniques used involve ZEGG forum, applied theater, and other games and activities designed to foster empathy, entrainment, and collective intelligence.

The Art of Being Human is an on-going workshop series open to all. Previously we’ve kept it word of mouth only, but now we’re opening it to the public.

Cost is a small site fee (fully work-tradeable) and gift economy for the facilitation. Lodging is provided; meals are via meal teams. (More on meals once you register.)

Site fee for the 2-day workshop: $35-$50 sliding scale

Site fee for the 3-day workshop: $45-$70 sliding scale

Want to know more? Feel free to email info @ lebendig . org for more information.

Click here for our events calendar to see the dates of the next Art of Being Human workshop being offered.

The Art of Being Human crew

The Art of Being Human crew from the October 2019 workshop

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