The Art of Being Human

The Art of Being Human is a 3-day workshop that explores what it means to be a human being living to our full potential. We delve deeply into both individual and collective potential, as well as branching into what it means to be fully realized as a species in the overall Gaia system.

Exploring the art of being human

Some of the questions we play with are:

How can we actualize our personal highest potential?

How do we tap into collective intelligence?

What will it take for our species to evolve in terms of creating a thrivable culture that works for all of Gaia?

What does an ideal society really look like?

What does it mean to be human in a time of intense environmental and social degradation and how can we be a force for break through rather than break down?

These are questions we delightfully explore, all while diving deep into what is authentic, alive, and true in each and every moment.

Techniques used involve ZEGG forum, applied theater, and other games and activities designed to foster empathy, entrainment, and collective intelligence.

The Art of Being Human is an on-going workshop series open to all. Previously we’ve kept it word of mouth only, but now we’re opening it to the public.

Cost is a small logistics fee and gift economy for the facilitation. Meals are provided via meal teams. (More on that once you register.)

As of May 2021, all workshops have been fully outdoors and will continue to be so while the weather allows.

Want to know more? Feel free to email info @ lebendig . org for more information.

Once you’ve attended an AOBH weekend, you’re welcome to attend our weekly meetings in Eugene. We’re going deep,  having fun, and learning great skills in the meantime.

Email info @ lebendig . org for more info.

The Art of Being Human crew

The Art of Being Human crew from the October 2019 workshop


What people are saying about the Art of Being Human:

Work consumes so much of life that I could easily live out my whole life without ever really discovering the art of being human.  So it was with surprise that I discovered in The Art of Being Human the art of trusting, opening, and sharing with a growing joy and eagerness my life with others. There are skills and practice to such an art. First we create a safe container where we can be vulnerable with each other. There, I learned how not to betray another’s vulnerability, but rather to admire their courage. I found that sharing my own vulnerability in such a safe environment was an experience so rare in its level of trust that I felt more connected to those in that safe container than I ever felt with anyone ever before. I feel a special bond between myself and those with whom I shared this experience with. The Art of Being Human has expanded and enriched my life, and the depth and meaningfulness of my connection with those I shared it with.



I was blessed to be able to attend one of the three day sessions. I can honestly say it was one of the most profound experiences of my life. What came up within this group of strangers was alive in me as well. Getting to peek behind the curtain and see the process and the struggles people carried built an intense feeling of connectedness with the people. The subject matter was presented with a lot of skill and a lot of joy under some really intense conditions… And for me those intense conditions made it less like a work shop or a retreat to real world solution based community healing. I know the connections I have been blessed to nurture through this have been anchors over the past few months. Normalizing vulnerability AND being able to move step by step into a new outlook on how to see the rest of humanity for sure a new way to see my self.

I feel the work of community building and resiliency is THE name of the game, especially in the face of a pandemic, and civil unrest currently sweeping the world. I wholeheartedly believe that being able to entertain new ways of connecting and encourage the processes that lead to community resiliency and healing is of paramount importance now and especially in the times to come. I also believe that I only saw a glace of what this kind of work can really do but can imagine.,especially with a group of people who already know and trust one another. The workshop lives true to its name and provides some new skills and ideas to become master’s in the art of being human.




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