Update on the Art of Being Human Workshops

As ya’ll know, COVID-19 has disrupted business as usual – especially when it relates to humans being in contact with each other. That being said, the Art of Being Human team has beenĀ  working on getting these workshops up and running again.

workshop with Teryani Riggs

How do we do this kind of sharing during COVID-19?

So if you’re been wanting to come – be patient. We’re figuring it out.

For those of you who’ve already attended a workshop, we’ve started up our weekly meetings in Eugene…with social distancing, of course. In them we do warm up games and then lots of Forum. Since the groups are small, everyone gives a mirror and everyone gets a chance to go in, so LOTS of Forum experience.

We’re loving it!

Want to know more? Email info @ lebendig . org

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