Mudding the oven

Oven Magic

As many of you know, a caravan headed out to Vic Camp’s land to help get ready for the Sun Dance there and build a mud oven. With us came the Luv’n Ovens crew and many others.

On the Res

Vic Camp’s land lays right outside Wounded Knee not far from the Kili Radio station. It’s absolutely gorgeous, with panoramic views in 2-3 directions. Those of us who’d were on the Pow Wow grounds trash pick up had been to his land before. At that time we’d asked him if Rainbow could offer him any support and that’s when he mentioned he needed help with his Sun Dance grounds and would love an oven.

Working on the Kitchen Arbor

The first day we met the family, got settled, set up our tents, etc. The second day we worked hard, clearing away brush and poison ivy from the eating area, extending the arbor, creating a compost-in-place garden for the food scraps, and getting rocks for the oven.

Luv'n Ovens Rocking It Out


The hardest part of the day was getting rocks for the oven. The rock crew had to travel pretty far, and at times they had to split large boulders manually to bring them back. This truly was the most demanding and frustrating part of the day. We could only hope that none of the rocks contained moisture in them.

making an oven

After the rocks were meticulously put into place the mud crew got to work. Lucky for us the road next to us had literally just been graded 30 minutes or so before, so getting good dirt was super easy.

Mudding the oven

If you’ve ever made a mud oven before, you know the goal in mudding it is to spray all the bystanders (this shows that you’ve thrown it with such force that it effectively gets into the cracks). These folks, though, seemed to have a bit of a challenge with it–they got the mud in their eyes far more than they hit the rest of us.  🙂

Organic Valley donation

Along with labor, we also brought all the food the clean-up crew didn’t need. This served to not only feed the crew that was working, but also the Sun Dance attendees, and many of the extended Wounded Knee family members. Yay Organic Valley! (Shining Light had donated a fair amount of dry goods before the gathering and many more were donated by main supply on our way out.)

Afterwards the family brought us a feast to share and we were entertained by Freedom and Hen (which was awesome).

All in all it was a very productive couple of days. The oven got finished (even with most of the day dedicated to finding rocks). The arbor got extended, and lots of the area got prepared for the attendees who will be arriving shortly. We also sent some labor to take care of the Apache envoy traveling to DC to protest the proposed Oak Flat Copper Mine.

Many thanks to Luv’n Ovens and the rest of our awesome gang! Vic and his family were quite happy and received some well-needed support.