SD Rainbow Gathering 2015 in Photos, pt II

This year’s gathering site was incredibly beautiful in just about every moment, sometimes startlingly so. I was a bit too busy to do it justice, but hopefully these photos give a taste.

Climbing the hill to Phat Kids and Instant Soup

The photo below shows the trail leading up to Stitch N’ Bitch, Phat Kids and Instant Soup  (and then off to Safe Swinging, Casual Encounters, and other kitchens). It was a bit of a climb and was affectionately known as “Fuck This Hill.”

Drum Circle on the Hill

The drum circle on the evening of the 3rd was my favorite.

Tipis in the Main Meadow 2015

The tipis served as both homes and meeting places for our First Nations gatherers. Everyone from grandmother Red Feather to Chase Ironeyes to our young Tocala brothers stayed in them.

Glowing Feather

It wouldn’t be a national for me without folks like Glowing Feather showing up!

Night cooking at Kiddie Village

Kiddie Village had some great cooking this year. My favorite (not shown below) was Sky’s deep fried cheese sticks. Oh were they amazing!

Serving at Main Circle

We had all sorts of folks serving at main circle, from children to olders. Here’s one of my favorite (shareable) photos of the servers.

Photos of the oven-building at the Sundance Grounds are still pending. Just trying to get in touch with the Oven crew to make sure it’s ok to post (it was ok to take the photos). If I don’t hear from them soon, I’ll post the photos that don’t have them in them.