Five Key Thoughts

by Dieter Duhm from the Book "Future without War"

I will once again begin with an image. An organism is infected by an illness and shows signs of illness in many places. This organism is the earth, humanity, every community and every individual body. A wise doctor does not treat every individual place, but the entire organism. Applied to the global situation of our times, this means that a wise concept for peace not only deals with peace work in special areas of suffering, but with the healing of the global organism of the human being and the earth.

These are the five key thoughts:

1. The entire earth and all of humanity constitute one unified organism, i.e. a holistic system, a holon, which reacts as a whole whenever a corresponding force, information, or healing power is input.

The organism of the earth and humanity reacts as a whole. What does this really mean? How is it possible that something can be felt on Tahiti if we do something here in Portugal? In order to understand this thought, we must first find the image of the whole again. Then we will notice that it this is the same question as: "How is it possible that I think something in my head and that then my stomach no longer hurts?" Or else I introduce an acupuncture needle somewhere on my body and the pain in my knees disappears. How is this possible. The connections are the same. It is good to first of all allow ourselves to be awed by this, for we are dealing with the miracle of a holistic system. We can see the miracle of our Political Theory, the miracle that we call morphogenetic field creation, at work in our own bodies, our own organism. One single thought at the right time can change my whole inner life. How is it possible that a single thought can change how I am when I am doing the dishes, when interacting with my beloved, when studying, when dealing with money, etc? One single cardinal peace thought, such as "I do not have to impress anyone", "I will not be judged", "I no longer have to lie", or "I can step out of this damn old prison", taking one single such thought to its conclusion, can change one's entire inner life. One single central shift in the co-existence between human beings, occurring somewhere on earth, can at least stimulate the collective subconscious, or rather the hyper-conscious of all of humanity, so that with some probability the same shift, the same change, can occur at many other places. Look at the analogies! This is what I mean when I say that we have to keep entering a state of silence in order to see things calmly. The connections that are described in the Political Theory when dealing with field creation are shown to us in our own bodies and everywhere in nature.

2. The core information of a new, non-violent life code lies in the inner area of community, truth, trust, love, Eros and religion. Once the material prerequisites are fulfilled, the determinant points (bifurcations) from where human evolution on earth take on a new direction lie within the human being.

If we go to places of suffering on earth we see that aid initially consists of fulfilling material needs and providing outer security, just as Ibrahim Aboouleish has done in the Egyptian desert in Sekem or as Bunker Roy has done at Barefoot College in Tilonia in India. But as soon as the outer conditions are fulfilled, one will notice that the crucial points when it comes to creating a non-violent culture on earth can be found inside. Gorbachev once said: "Fear must disappear from the earth." But fear cannot disappear, so long as it is encapsulated like a tubercle in our cells and our souls. Inside there, in the sexual and spiritual areas of life, we find the point where healing must occur. A global field can be created for this bifurcation, for example through our current work.

3. Peace work is healing work. At its centre lies the establishment of trust. If someone asks what peace really is, the answer is: peace is TRUST.

A friend of ours, who has been engaged in peace work in the Balkans for many years, wrote us a letter saying that he doesn't really know what peace is. He does not know it, because he is missing the experience of trust. Peace can then only be defined as the absence of war. But when we give negative definitions to a positive story, this is just like saying: "I do not know what it is about." Trust is an experience. Trust may be the deepest human experience of all. If night-long discussions were to make it possible for true trust to develop between the new Hamas government and Israeli politicians, or if it could be created from the outside, then we would have an entirely different kind of lever to influence the drama in the Middle East.

Trust between people, between lovers ­ between life partners! Those are the depths of the concept of the Healing Biotopes and the new centres on earth. Trust between men who love the same woman, trust between men who love the same man, trust between peoples, trust between humans and animals, for example spiders, rats, snakes, and dogs! Trust between humans and nature, also when storms are brewing, trust between humans and the world. Deep down it is a matter of finding the code of trust. Healing biotopes are places where conscious work is carried out to create the conditions necessary for the emergence and growth of permanent trust. This sets the stage for the healing process.

4. It is not moral appeals, individual transformation and spiritual exercises that bring about the necessary changes. Instead, it is communal and societal structures that have yet to be created that will make it possible for truth, trust and solidarity to develop and gain permanence. This is a very important point and it is so new that nobody understands it at first. One hears the words but one hardly senses what they mean.

One greatly prefers the messages by Aurobindo or Sai Baba, Claude AnShin Thomas or Peace Pilgrim, Prentice Mulford or Jesus of Nazareth. But these messages are always addressed to the individual. Read the Sermon on the Mount and the 10 Commandments, visit the spiritual communities of our time, and you will notice that the messages always are addressed to the individual. It is always the individual who is given the advice to meditate, to practice truth, humility and love of one's neighbor. But these commandments cannot be followed, because the individual is living in societal conditions under which they cannot be followed. Also, the spiritual principles of life, as they are presented in many books or workshops and which cannot be doubted, cannot be realised while maintaining existing structures. If we wish to re-integrate the sanctity of the world into our lives, we need new structures in society. That is the definitive insight after 5,000 years of war on earth.

We need a different logical form of message. We need a message that has a collective quality to it. This has absolutely nothing to do with uniform collectivism or communism, on the contrary. The new message is of course also directed at the individual, for we want to and have to change for healing to be able to occur in ourselves. But for this change to become permanent it must be anchored in new social, ethical and ecological structures. We need new life structures for all those involved. We need new structures of community, so that very many individuals can have the possibility to find trust again. Or a fulfilled love life. Or a feeling of home and belonging.

One must understand what it means to be working to develop structures, to develop a container in which healing forces can come together and be passed on to the outside. Free love is a part of this container. Free love, free sexuality ­ in friendship and trust. That is not a moral appeal that is addressed to individuals. Instead, it means building a humane social system, in which it is possible to live the truth within Eros. This liberates the people from always having to lie secretly. Through this, they can become "good" in an ethical sense. Then they can follow the commandment: "Thou shalst not lie." If we do not create this structure, then we appeal to the individual to "Please stop lying", but we retain the reason for the lie. Many married couples have to lie to each other because they are not allowed to admit to each other their longing for other partners. Then they also have to see to it that neither of them notices anything. What a terrible situation! On top of it all comes the commandment: "Thou shalst not lie." It is enough to plunge you into moral despair and give up. Here, it is not enough to enter the silence or to eat macrobiotic food. We have to create the concrete conditions and structures that make it possible for the participants in a community or society to become healthy, truthful people. This development has been ongoing in Tamera for several years. One cannot say much about it; instead, it must be experienced.

If you understand this point, then you can participate fully in the Project of the Healing Biotopes. A community that understands this point knows what it is doing. That is the alternative to every kind of therapy, and that is no exaggeration. The fortune or misfortune of humanity depends on if it will be possible to establish functioning communities, in which truth becomes possible again, especially truth around topic Number One. As I have already mentioned, if truth becomes possible at this level, when the cleansing process in the soul and mind begins at this level, then one soon arrives at the point where one also wants to cleanse oneself bodily. Now we have the go-ahead. Now I no longer have to eat, smoke, drink, etc. out of frustration.

I will now attempt to illustrate the logical structure involved. Those who have not solved their conflicts in love and who are not aware of any of this, will live a life in the latent stranglehold of collective conflicts that one cannot solve on one's own. They will not notice it, for the whole world is caught in this stranglehold and nobody will be different from anyone else. The efforts that one makes to get a healthy body, a healthy mind and a healthy spirituality will then be of a compensatory quality. At some point one will break down under such efforts, because what is unresolved is stronger. There is no higher power than that of sexuality and love, for we exist as man and woman. As long as that is not resolved, we are at the mercy of this power. Subconsciously, this world power is always the director. We remain more or less its puppets. It is Eros that controls human history from its innermost core. Society has a secret nervous system, which immediately reacts to the issues of this innermost topic. You can take any office as an example: as soon as it becomes known that something is going on in this area for any given person, everybody speaks about it. There is then hardly anything else than this story that is interesting. Topic Number One is Topic Number One. At some point one renounces all ideologies and sees that this is truly so. But initially you are totally on your own with this discovery. If you want to talk to others about it, you first run into solid walls. This happened to the young Swiss doctor and author Fritz Zorn, who described his story in his touching book "Mars". That is why we need communities, so that more and more people can speak the truth in this area and at the same time can develop a life perspective that gives them fulfillment.

The creation of truth is a communitarian enterprise. The creation of trust is a communitarian project. The creation of a loving and sincere sexuality is a task for a functioning community. This constitutes the foundation of the Project of Healing Biotopes. Ever more seekers should know about this. Let us look around and network and see who the people are who are receptive to this message today.

5. The communities of the future that will be creating the new structures for the inner areas of the human being will have a global field effect. As a result of the functioning of holistic systems, a new code of life will change life on the planet. That is the core statement of the Political Theory. (It has been presented in detail in Chapter 5 under the heading "Creating New Fields of Information".)

I have repeatedly tried to portray the biosphere, including the human being, as a unified body and organism, with a unified existence and consciousness. I have said that it is the same universal consciousness that weaves and vibrates and connects all things. Of course all spiritually awakened people say so too. It is interesting that in the meantime the same type of thoughts are also coming from science, from Lynn Margulis and James Lovelock and now also from many others, such as Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf in their interesting book about "Networked Intelligence". Slowly, people on earth are beginning to agree that the earth and its biosphere constitute a unified organism. The form of a seashell is a code of the universal flow of consciousness. Our organism is an imprint of world knowledge. The structure of our brains, the neural structure, and the structure of the nervous system are codes of world knowledge and emerged from world knowledge. These are wonderful connections. It is the immediate perception that Goethe spoke about in his story about the leaf and the original plant. This kind of immediate mental-spiritual view teaches us how incredible the connections of Creation truly are, if one can be quiet and simply look. We always have this course in miracles within us and around us as a latent possible insight. Because this is so, because all things are connected in this overall fabric of life, and because there is a unified noosphere or a unified body of information, information that has been input at any one point has an effect in all parts of the world. If this information concerns a core part of life, it has an even greater effect. And if it is held by a sufficiently high number of people, if it has developed a certain power, vitality and maturity, then its effect is even greater. When a critical point is reached, the real bifurcation of the overall life on our planet begins. We will know more about this in 20 years.

All 5 statements are self-evident. But has the content been understood? Do I have any idea why a seed produces a eucalyptus tree? Do I know approximately what an entelechial core is, and what entelechy means? From what kind of a code do the forms of material life emerge? Aristotle called it entelechy, the inner target gestalt or potential form. And he knew nothing about the genetic code. At some point the question arises: could such a principle not also apply to human beings, to human society and to the development of mankind? There we have the deep statements by Sabine Lichtenfels, which are contained in her two books "Temple of Love" and "Dream Stones". They contain the deciphering of the stone circles at Évora and the old temples on the islands of Malta and Gozo. The stone circle is the legacy of a highly developed human society that existed for a long time on earth, before disappearing some 6,000 or 7,000 years ago. The people who lived then had great knowledge about love and community, about raising and educating children, about nature beings and about the interaction between the earthly and the cosmic worlds. They left behind this stone circle as a message about the basic pattern of a human community. Here, we speak of the "prehistoric utopia" or the "entelechial core" of human society. In this connection it is good to know that on our hill here in Tamera, a stone circle is being constructed with excavators and anything at our disposal, bringing us closer to what used to be conscious knowledge about the entelechial core of humanity. We are dealing with an inner basic pattern, not the repetition of an old structure. Behind all these transitory aspects of history, we can discover the universal, perhaps eternal pattern, including our own, inner universal pattern. These are great, wonderful connections. I am grateful that we have the privilege of being a part of this development.