Exploring Power, Leadership, and Consensus

Group Machine

Using games and techniques from the Theater Of the Oppressed, we'll explore our relationship to power, experiment with transforming power-over relationships, play with different forms of leadership and their relationship to power, and learn new, fun ways to create consensus and power-with relationships. The intention is to learn and have fun while creating practical techniques and tools for transforming our world to a truly shared-power culture.

This is a great event and lots of fun! Come play with us!

Facilitated by Teryani Riggs. Teryani Riggs has been facilitating community-building workshops and events for over 20 years. Her repertoire includes ZEGG-style Forum, Theater Of the Oppressed, Consensus Decision-Making facilitation, music/dance improvisation, and Team Building. Community, Sustainability, Wilderness, and Honoring the Sacred are the four cornerstones of her life. She resides on an intentional community in Cascadia, near Monroe, OR.