Who We Are


The Living Awareness Institute's mission is first and foremost to foster a social evolution towards a greater connectedness with ourselves, other humans, non-humans, and the Earth at large. With the world on the edge of a systemic economic and environmental collapse, we wish to foster change that facilitates a personal and global breaking through rather than breaking down-to contribute to those flows which may guide the whole System towards evolution.

The Living Awareness Institute uses dynamic, whole-being methods of learning designed to engaged not just the head, but also the heart and body. A large focus is placed on learning through games and exercises and other experiential, engaging forms. As a result, many of the courses and workshops designed for communities are inter-generational friendly and children are not only welcome, but encouraged to participate.

If what you see interests you and you'd like to be affiliated with the LAI, please contact us at info [at] lebendig [dot] org.