ZEGG-Style Forum

"Forum supports what is authentic, alive and true, that which comes
into the light beyond politeness and the daily games of hiding and disguise."
~ Dolores Richter

The ZEGG Forum is a group process developed at ZEGG as an artistic way for building community through transparency. By ensuring continual transparency in key communal issues, the Forum helps facilitate the sharing and clarifying of unsolved situations of daily life, community resilience, trust-building, and, in many cases, personal growth. It also provides a framework for investigating human nature. Over time the Forum becomes a powerful basis for raising the lever of awareness of the whole community. It's a dynamic process and is usually facilitated by 2-3 people from the community it's serving.

Below are some of the current resources in English:

"Doubtless the path to social consciousness, compassion and contact
requires an inner metamorphosis and Forum, because it is
simultaneously personal and social, has the power to bring this about in us."
~ Dolores Richter

Forum Courses offered by the Living Awareness Institute

All Living Awareness Institute classes, workshops, and events are offered as a service and therefore on a gift economy. There is no charge for coursework (although occasionally a logistics fee will be charged).

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