Diving Deeper Into the Forum

Diving Deeper Into the Forum Forumscourse is a 5-day Forum Intensive designed to improve the skills of facilitators and participants alike. It teaches core forum and community skills, ethics, and for those on the facilitator track--facilitation. During this week folks will dive into the middle, explore the art of mirroring, play with their shadows, and--if desired--practice leading Forums. Topics covered include transparency, mirrors and mirroring, leadership and power, forum in community, and much more. We'll also engage in a number of awareness training and intimacy-building exercises designed to get us more in touch with ourselves, others, and our community.
ZEGG Forum at Heathcoate Community

Skills built upon and developed in the Diving Deeper course:

  • Participating in and facilitating ZEGG-style Forum
  • Leadership skills (good for other modalities as well)
  • Awareness training
  • The practice of transparency and honesty within a group setting
  • General group facilitation skills

Participants in the Diving Deeper Into the Forum Forumscourse have three options for attending, depending on their experience level with the Forum and this course:

1. The Flexible Track: This is the baseline track available to anyone who has experienced at least one Forum (facilitated by someone from ZEGG, Tamera, Teryani, or a graduate of this course). Participants are asked to come for the first 2 days of the course. After that they may come or go as they wish, participating in any other part of the course as their timing and desire allows. This track does not include facilitation practice or feedback on facilitation skills. It does, however, provide the greatest flexibility in scheduling and pre-requisites. Since most folks find forum facilitating to be a high learning curve, it's recommended to start on this track first.

2. The Facilitator track: The Facilitator track is open to anyone who has completed a minimum of 5 ZEGG-style Forums (i.e. facilitated by someone from ZEGG, Teryani, or a graduate of this course). Ideally you will have experienced far more than these and have spent much time both giving mirrors and entering the middle. Participants on this track are required to commit to the entire 5 day course. Graduates of this track meet the pre-requisites for assisting future courses and/or participating in the Advanced Forum Leadership course. (Please note: New Culture forums only meet these pre-requisistes if they've been lead by someone from ZEGG or a graduate of this course. If you'd like to be on this track and do not meet the pre-requisites, check with us. If the facilitation track hasn't been filled and you have experience with some styles of forum currently being offered we might be able to make an exception.)

3. Assisting: All graduates of the Facilitator Track are welcome to return as assistants. In exchange for service, assistants get to deepen their skills in the forum and forum facilitating, help perpetuate Forum in their community, deepen their connections with each other, practice being authentic, alive, and true and be an integral part of the course.

ZEGG Forum at Anahata

Cost: All Living Awareness Institute programs are offered as a service and therefore on a gift economy (outside of logistics, which are offered at cost). Participants are asked to "complete the circle" by making a gift donation by the end of the course. Although money is welcome, other resources and gifts are also accepted. Logistics Fee: Depending on the venue, the Diving Deeper Into the Forum course averages around $150 for logistics (including food, lodging, etc.).

Note: The primary intention of this course is to empower individuals and communities in using the ZEGG-style forum. The course material and techniques used for learning to facilitate the ZEGG-style forum are very different than the courses that ZEGG offers, though the Forum itself is the same. Folks interested in firther deepening their understanding of the Forum, it's history, and development are encouraged to visit ZEGG or Tamera and experience a variety of facilitators.

What past participants have said:

...the program was dynamic and educational. There was a good balance between lecture, experiential exercises and feedback. I would recommend it highly to anyone who values community and personal connection with others. RL

During this past week on Maui, we had the opportunity to learn from someone who is not only an incredible facilitator but also an extraordinarily inspiring workshop leader. She supported us in growing at every level: our personal growth, our interactions with others, and our maturing as a community -- as well as Forum skills such as being more transparent, alive, and true. ZA


Teryani Riggs offers forum facilitation and workshops as well as forum leadership training to intentional communities and groups who work and/or live closely together. There are no fees for these services, and Teryani only asks that all her expenses are covered and that folks heartfully participate in the gift economy.

Teryani Riggs has been leading ZEGG-style forums since the year 2000. She's taken Forum courses at ZEGG and in the United States both in English and in German, and offers a variety of faciltiator services, as well as forum and community courses, THeater of the Oppressed, Culture Evolution Camps and much, much more. She lives in Cascadia with her partner. For more information, contact info [at] lebendig [dot] org for more information.