Courses and Workshops

The Living Awareness Institute offers workshops in a variety of community-building topics. All of the workshops are experiential and individually tailored to group they are being offered to. In addition, all workshops all offered on a gift economy (outside of travel expenses). Below is a sampling of our most popular workshops.

Community Connections Weekend

This is a fun-filled 2-day course designed to create and deepen connections and foster trust between community members. We'll use games, exercises, and community-building processes from a variety of sources including other intentional communities. Emphasis is on learning and experiencing different techniques for creating and maintaining trust between community members, creating/deepening connections, fostering trust, and having fun.

Though good at any time, the community connection weekend is an excellent precursor to important business meetings, conflict resolution, and/or the LAI Visioning weekend.

Introduction to the ZEGG-style Forum

Though going to ZEGG or Tamera is certainly the best way to see the ZEGG forum in community action, the LAI offers tasters and introductions for groups, co-ops, and communities who would like to try this incredible community tool. For more on the ZEGG Forum click here. The introduction can be a 3-hour or a 1-day event.

Exploring Leadership, Power, and Consensus

Columbian Hypnosis

Using games and exercises from the Theater Of the Oppressed, participants get a to practice and develop dynamic skills for working with power and leadership in their own groups and fostering a stronger "power-with" culture. This class is excellent for all age groups and lasts 3 hours.

Team-building Challenge Course

Challenge Course

This is a day-long course designed to help groups understand and better their working dynamics. By participating in team-building activities, just about any group can improve their communication, problem solving, leadership development, trust, and decision-making skills. This particular course is excellent for any group that works together to achieve a common goal, be it business or other. Like all LAI courses, each course is tailored to each particular group's needs and all of the activities are challenge by choice.

Diving Deeper Into the ZEGG-style Forum

ZEGG Forum

A 5 or 7-day intensive designed to take us deeper into the process of the ZEGG-style Forum. During this week folks will dive into the middle, explore the art of mirroring, play with their shadows, and--if desired--practice leading Forums. We'll also engage in a number of awareness training and intimacy-building exercises designed to get us more in touch with ourselves, others, and our community. This is the only Forumscourse routinely offered in the continental United States.

Living Awareness

Living Awareness

A 2-day class very similar to Naka Ima but offered on a gift economy and with a slightly different emphasis. Excellent for creating and sustaining personal growth, developing the practice of honesty, recognizing and moving towards one's personal vision, and taking concrete next steps.

Community Visioning Weekend


This is a 2-day community visioning "weekend" including where community members can share, express, and co-create their vision for their community while creating stronger connections with each other and having fun. Tools range from image theater to Naka Ima. Emphasis is on dynamic process, creative expression and empowerment.

Workshops For High School Students

A number of theater and leadership courses designed specifically for high school students.

All Living Awareness Institute programs are offered as a service and therefore on a gift economy (outside of logistics, which are offered at cost). Participants are asked to "complete the circle" by making a gift donation by the end of the course. Although money is welcome, other resources and gifts are also accepted..