Workshops For High Schoolers

The Living Awareness Institute offers a number of workshops for high-schoolers. All workshops are highly interactive and tend to get great reviews from both students and teachers. Below is a partial list of what the LAI offers. We often create custom workshops, so if you have an idea for a workshop that isn't listed below, please send us a proposal.

  • Using Interactive Theater to Create Social Change

    A dynamic class focusing on themes students find important, this workshop presents skills and techniques for using theater as a means to create real social change. Great for drama students and student activists.

  • Exploring Leadership, Power, and Consensus

    A fun and challenging workshop focusing on understanding the mechanisms of power in our society and how to be a successful leader and/or follower. Focus is on creating a shared-power culture, improving leadership and democracy skills, and having fun. This course is great for ASB and IB students.

  • Introduction To Applied Theater

    This course introduces and provides first-hand experiences of drama therapy, playback theater, and Theater of the Oppressed. It's designed for drama students and students interested in pursuing a theater degree/career.

  • Forum Theater

    A workshop wherein students identify key issues they'd like to change, write brief scripts illustrating the problem, and then use forum theater to solve the problem.

  • Invisible Theater

    Students create and perform an invisible theater piece somewhere in their school. Workshop includes warm ups, coaching, and support for the "action."

Facilitated by Teryani Riggs. Teryani Riggs has been using Image Theater in her workshops for well over 8 years and has been studying annually with the Boals for the last three.