ZEGG-Style Forum

If you've experienced ZEGG-style Forums and would like to bring them to your community, and/or would love to learn another great tool for community living, then this page is for you. The best way to experience ZEGG-style Forum is to, of course, spend time at ZEGG. But, since most of us can't get to Germany so easily, the Living Awareness Institute offers various options for learning and experiencing the Forum stateside.

Opportunities for Experiencing Forum in the United States

  • Introduction to the ZEGG-style Forum evening

  • One-day Forum experience
  • This is for groups and communities who'd like to dip their toes a bit deeper into the Forum and understand the process more fully. In addition to Forum, we'll practice exercises and games that help us become more fully aware of what is present for us and the others in the circle.

  • A weekend Forumscourse
  • This 2-day course is great step towards learning to use the Forum in your community. It includes practices of becoming present and practicing honesty, as well as plenty of Forum and Forum theory.

  • The Diving Deeper Into the Forum Course: an in-depth exploration of the forum combined with leadership training
  • Diving Deeper Into the Forum is a 5-day intensive designed to take us deeper into the process of the Forum. During this week folks will dive into the middle, explore the art of mirroring, play with their shadows, and--if desired--practice leading Forums. We'll also engage in a number of awareness training and intimacy-building exercises designed to get us more in touch with ourselves, others, and our community.

  • LAI's Community Courses